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At Sherman & Ticchio PLLC, we are dedicated to diligently representing our clients in their credit reporting and background check reporting matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience with a wide range of credit reporting and background check problems. We’re always available to answer your questions and concerns in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

We know that litigation can be intimidating. With decades of legal experience, we’ve helped countless victims of inaccurate reporting obtain the credit they deserve. Clients of Sherman & Ticchio can expect attorneys who will fight to ensure that they are provided with protections to which they are entitled.

The attorneys of Sherman & Ticchio PLLC have extensive experience representing clients with all manner of errors and inaccuracies on their credit and background check reports. Clients generally see inaccurate information appearing on their reports owing to one of the following three reasons (and in rare cases, a combination of these three):

Identity theft is common, and victims of identity theft can find their credit ruined in one of many ways. Identity thieves may open credit cards in the victim’s name, or steal existing credit cards, and run up thousands of dollars of debt. This leaves the victim on the hook for the debt, but it can also lead to the creditor reporting the debt (and any associated late payments) to the credit reporting agencies. Identity theft isn’t just limited to the victim’s credit; in some cases thieves have committed crimes and used the victim’s information upon arrest. This can lead to the victim having an inaccurate criminal history appearing on tenant screening and background check reports.

In “mixed file” cases, the credit reporting agencies have combined the information of two similar individuals. You may find a whole host of accounts appearing on your credit reports that you don’t recognize, along with names, addresses, dates of birth, employment information, etc. Generally, this occurs because your information is very similar to another individual’s. For example, you may share the same name and date of birth. This can lead to errors ranging from inaccurate addresses appearing on your credit reports to inaccurate criminal history appearing on your tenant screening and background check reports.
In “status” cases, clients find that information associated with an account is inaccurate. For example, you may see your mortgage appearing on your credit report, but be surprised to see that you are listed as being 90 days late on your payments, even though you have never missed a payment in your life. You may also find that your landlord has reported you as having been evicted with no basis for doing so. 
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