What is a Credit Lawyer anyway?

“Credit lawyer” is a short-hand term for an attorney, like the lawyers at Sherman & Ticchio, who can guide consumers through the process of disputing inaccurate items on their credit reports or background check reports and, if necessary, file federal lawsuits on behalf of consumers under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (and related laws). 

There is a vast difference between a credit repair lawyer, credit repair organization, or credit repair shop – which service thousands of customers – and a law firm like ours at Sherman & Ticchio. We represent a limited number of clients and have real and substantial federal litigation experience. 

Credit repair is fiction.  It implies (and the companies that do it will tell you) that accurate derogatory items on your credit reports can be fixed for a fee of a few hundred dollars (sometimes much more).  Credit lawyers – reputable law firms that help consumers – focus on credit restoration rather than credit repair. 

Credit restoration is real and is about removing inaccurate items from your credit reports/credit files at consumer reporting agencies (CRAs or credit bureaus) like Equifax, Experian, Innovis, and TransUnion. 

Sherman & Ticchio, like many reputable law firms that focus on credit restoration, will never charge you a penny out-of-pocket. All of our fees are drawn from the proceeds of the case (our fees are a portion of the settlement or set by the judge on the rare occasion that a case goes to trial and results in a verdict). 

Bottom line? Sherman & Ticchio only takes on clients individuals with legitimate inaccuracies on their credit reports.  We do not repair credit. Rather, we restore credit.  We work within the boundaries of the law to restore your credit by wiping inaccurate tradelines and other incorrect information from your credit reports.